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Optimization and computational approaches (Fall 2021)

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Optimization and Computational approaches for Ph.D. and MS students  (Fall 2021)

This course is devoted to advanced and more recent topics in Optimization and computational approaches. Indeed I selected some topics in computational methods and Optimization problems.

Link for class

Link for my previous lectures on Computational Physics


Some topics to teach are as follows:

  • Probability Distribution functions and transformations
  • Correlation functions, Two-point correlation function
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Data modeling
  • Genetic Algorithms

  • Course subjects and program (Download)
  • A good link for shell script programming (Link)
  • A good link for programming tutorials  (Link)
  • Hartmann, Alexander K., and Heiko Rieger. Optimization algorithms in physics. Vol. 2. Berlin: Wiley-Vch, 2002.

  • Hartmann, Alexander K., and Heiko Rieger, eds. "New optimization algorithms in physics." (2004): 134411.

  • Mezard, Marc, and Andrea Montanari. Information, physics, and computation. Oxford University Press, 2009.

  • Computational Physics By RUBIN H. LANDAU, MANUEL JOSE PAEZ and CRISTIAN C. BORDEIANU (See this link)
  • A good presentation by Kip R. Irvine for number representation (Download)
  • Some bash samples (Download)
  • A good text for commands in Fortran, C++, Matlab (Download)
  • VPython
  • Some necessary things for programming skills (Download)
  • A good paper for data analysis in cosmology by Licia Verde, arXiv:0712.3028
  • Online numerical recipes (
  • My lectures on Errors and PDF (Download) (Download)
  • Some of my Python programs (Download)
  • Visualization by Matlab (link)
  • Discretization approaches (Download) (Download)
  • My note about deterministic Fractals (Download) & (see this link)
  • A good reference for errors analysis (see this link)
  • A proper series for Machine learning (Part 1), (part 2),
  • Some good Books for Machine learning and related topics,


My lectures

Some of my previous lectures on computational Physics (Click here)

Midterm:  1400/09/04



# Set 1 (Download)  Necessary files (Q1-Part A)  (Q2-Part B)

# Set 2 (Download)  Related Data (Download)

# Set 3 (Download)

# Set 4 (Download) Related Data (Download)


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