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Department of Physics

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Here is the name of my students:


  1. Saeed Ansarifard [Homepage]
  2. Saleh Bashiri [Homepage]
  3. Mohammad Hossein Jalali [Homepage]
  4. S. Kazemikia [Homepage]
  5. Behrang Mostaghel [Homepage]  Thesis Title ""   Graduated on 2018
  6. Alireza Vafaei sadr [Homepage]  Thesis Title ""   Graduated on 2018
  7. Issa Eghdami [Homepage] Thesis Title "" Graduated on 2018
  8. Hossein Mos'hafi [Homepage]  Thesis Title "" Graduated on 2017
  9. S. Hosseinabadi [Homepage]  Thesis Title "" Graduated on 2013


  1. Hossein Mos-hafi [Homepage]
  2. Razieh Emami [Homepage]
  3. Hajar Vakili [Homepage]
  4. Zahra Sheikholeslami [Homepage]
  5. Mehran Yazdizadeh [Homepage]
  6. Behnam Javanmardi [Homepage]
  7. Reza Monadi [Homepage]
  8. Issa Eghdami [Homepage]
  9. Erfan Nourbakhsh [Homepage]


  1. S. Bashiri
  2. M. Sheykhani
  3. Elmira Vahidi Graduated on 2018

Former Students:

  1. Soheil Hajian, B.Sc. at Shahid Beheshti University,
    Current position: PhD candidate, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
    detrended [at] gmail [dot] com
  2. Tahereh Azizi, PhD (Mazandaran University)
  3. S. Hosseinabadi, PhD 


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About Me

Tomb of Cyrus the great (Pasargadae, IRAN)

Professor of Physics,

Shahid Beheshti University,

Tehran, IRAN.


Resident researcher,
School of Physics,
Institute for research in fundamental sciences (IPM),

Tehran, IRAN. (2013-2021)


Junior Associate of ICTP,
International Center for Theoretical Physics,
Trieste, ITALY (2009-2016)


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