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Hajar Vakili Homepage

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The use of supernovae as Cosmological Standard Candles has matured in the last sixteen years to the point that these objects are now the distance indicator of choice for measuring the Hubble constant, the deceleration parameter, and the geometry of the universe.
We are using supernovae type Ia to apply some constraints on cosmological parameters.
Proposal of my thesis (Download)

Here you can find some useful articles about the job.
[1] A. Goobar, E. Mortsell, R. Amanullah, M. Goliath, L.Bergstrom, T. Dahlen, "SNOC: a Monte-Carlo simulation package for high-z supernova observations",
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[3] Camile Bonvine, Ruther Durrer, Martin Kunz "Dipole of Luminosity Distance: A Direct Measaure of H(z)", Physical Review Letters
[4] Dominik J. Schwarz, Bastian Weinhorst, "(An)isotropy of the Hubble diagram: comparing hemispheres",
[5] Tsafrir S. Kolatt, Ofer Lahav, "Constraints on Cosmological Anisotropy out to z=1 from Supernovae Ia",
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