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Modern Physics (Winter-Spring 2024)

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Modern Physics for undergraduate students  (Winter-Spring 2024)

This course is devoted to some preliminary topics to elaborate the deficiencies of Classical Physics

Link for class

Some topics to teach are as follows:

  • Special Theory of Relativity
  • Particle-like behavior of electromagnetic waves
  • Wavelike properties of particles
  • The Schrodinger Equation
  • Many electron atoms
  • Statistical Physics
  • Solid state physics
  • Radiation
  • Elementary Particles
  • Cosmology
  • Researches methods course (Link)
  • Data Analysis workshop (Link)
  • Data Sciences (Link)
  • Stochastic field Workshop (Link)
  • Topological Based Data Analysis Workshop (Link)
  • Challenges in training and researches in Physics (Link)


My lectures

Preliminary part (Download)  Some typos fixed

14021129 (Download)

14021201 (Download)

14021208 (Download)

14021213 (Download)

14021215 (Download)

14021217A (Download)

14021217B (Download)

140212120 (Download)

140212127 (Download)

14030114 (Download)  Updated

14030119 (Download)

14030121 (Download)

14030126 (Download)

For Flux of particles (Download)

For Black-Body Radiation (Download)

14030202 (Download)

14030204 (Download)

14030209 (Download)

14030211 (Download)

14030216 (Download)

14030218: part A (Download) and Part B (Download)

14030223 (Download)

14030225 (Download) Supplementary material (Download)

14030230 (Download)

14030301 part A (Download) and part B (Download)

14030306 (Download)

14030308 (Download)

14030313 (Download)  It has been updated

14030320 (Download)

14030322 (Download)

Selected Topics

Cosmology (Download)

Statistical Mechanics (Download)

Exams timeline

First midterm would be at 1402/12/23   (Questions with Answer-key credit by Aminreza Safarpour  (Download))

First midterm marks (Download)

Second midterm would be at 1403/01/28   (Questions with Answer-key credit by Aminreza Safarpour and Alireza Karamzadeh  (Download), (Download))

Second midterm marks (Download)

Final exam



# Set 1 (Download)  Due date has been changed to 1402/12/18
# Set 2 (Download)
# Set 3 (Download)
# Set 4 (Download)
# Set 5 (Download)

# Set 6 (Download)








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