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Advanced Statistical Mechanics (Fall 2021)

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Advanced course on statistical physics I (Fall 2021)

This course is devoted to advanced topics in statistical mechanics.

Link for class

Link for my previous lectures on Computational Physics

Link for my previous lectures on Statistical Mechanics 1

Link for my previous lectures on Statistical Mechanics 2 (Khajeh Nasir Digital Library, SBU VPN needed)

Some topics to teach are as follows:

  • Thermodynamic Limit
  • Thermodynamical equilibrium
  • Observable quantities
  • Statistical ensembles
  • Classical statistical mechanics
  • Maxwell Boltzmann distribution 
  • Quantum  Statistics
  • BE & FD distributions
  • An introduction to effective theory and critical phenomena
  • Thermodynamics of early Universe


Other related courses
  • Researches methods course (Link)
  • Critical Phenomena and Phase transitions (Link)
  • Computational Physics (Link)
  • Data Analysis workshop (Link)
  • Data Sciences (Link)
  • Challenges in training and researches in Physics (Link)
Main References:

1- R.K. Pathria, "Statistical Mechanics"

2- M. Kardar, "Statistical Physics of Particles"

3- Greiner et. al., “Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics”

Other relevant References:

4- Reif, F., Fundamental of statistical and thermal physics, Waveland Press, 2009.

5- Reif, F., Statistical Physics (Berkeley Physics course-Volume 5), Macgraw-Hill Book company, 1967.

6- Kerson Huang, “Statistical Mechanics”, Johm Wiley and Sons.

7- Dalvit, Diego AR, Jaime Frastai and Ian Lawrie, "Problems on statistical mechanics", CRC Press, 1999.

8-  arXiv:1107.0568, “Lecture Notes in Statistical Mechanics and Mesoscopics”

9- STEPHEN J. BLUNDELL AND KATHERINE M. BLUNDELL ,”Concepts in Thermal Physics”.

10-  arXiv:0804.0747

11- arXiv:physics/0406120




  • First Midterm exam will be held on 1400.08.27 including a review on Thermodynamics (Chapters 1-4 Greiner) and Chapters 1, 2
  • Second Midterm exam will be held on 1400.09.25 including Chapters 3, 4 and 5
  • Final exam  including Chapters 6, 7 and 8

Some of my lectures (Click here)


# Set 1 (Download)

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