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Computational Physics (Fall 2015)

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Computational Physics for PhD and MS students  (Fall 2015)

This course is devoted to advanced and more recent topics in computational methods for physics.

Some topics to teach are as follows:

  • Solving coupled Differential Equations and Boundary Value problems
  • Chaotic phenomena
  • Probability Distribution functions and transformations
  • Correlation functions, Two-point correlation function
  • Spectral analysis
  • Monte Carlo simulation
  • Basic topics for Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Simulation by VPython


Some titles of projects to do:

1- Simulink package

2- Traffic-Jamming simulation

3- Lattice-Boltzmann algorithm

4- N-Body simulation programs

5- Image processes

6- Lattice easy program

7- Ansys: Computational fluid dynamics

8- Providing a code for detrending method

9- Surface growth simulations

10- Monter Carlo simulation in Medicine

11- Neural-Networks and applications

12- Synchronization measures

13- Visualization of coupling in data

14- Simulation of Phonons in lattice




Preliminary marks: (Download)




# Set 1 (Download) List_arrange (DownloadData (Download)

# Set 2 (Download) data (Download) fitinput (Download)

# Set 3 (Download) data: marks.txt (Download)

# Set 4 (Download)

# Set 5 (Download)

# Set 6 (Download)

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