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Modern Cosmology (Fall 2014)

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Advanced topic in Modern Cosmology and Early Universe (Fall 2014)


This course is devoted to advanced and more recent topics in modern cosmology and early universe.

  • Program of this course (Download)
  • Date: Saturday and Monday 14:00 till 16:00
Some relevant references:


1) دست نوشته های درسی خودم که در منزلگاه اینجانب قابل دریافت است (Download)
2) کتاب "درآمدی بر کیهانشناسی نوین"، تألیف نعمت‌الله ریاضی
3) کتاب "نسبیت خاص"، تألیف شهرام خسروی و رضا منصوری.
4) “Modern Cosmology”, S. Dodelson.
5) “The primordial Density Perturbation”, D. H. Lyth et. Al.
6) “Physical Foundation of Cosmology”, V. Mukhanov.
7) “Structure Formation in the Universe”, T. Padmanabhan.
8) “An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics”, B.W. Carroll & D.A. Ostlie
9) “The cosmic microwave background”, R. Durrer.
10) “Galaxy Formation and Evolution”, H. Mo, F.V. den Bosch and S. White.
11) “Cosmology”, S. Weinberg.
12) “Data analysis in cosmology, “Lecture notes in physics 665”.
13) “Data analysis”, D.S. Sivia
14) “Dark energy: Theory and observations”, Luca Amendola and Shinji Tsujikawa.
15) “Statistics of the Galaxy distribution”, Vicent J. Martinez and Enn Saar.
16) "A short course in General Relativity", J. Foster and J. D. Nightingale.
17) Redbooks and scientific reports of Euclid project, arXiv:1206.1225.
18) My short note regarding fisher information matrix (Download)
19) My note about CMB Physics (Download)
20) My note about Large scale structures (Download)
21) My note about Thermodynamics of early Universe (Download)
22) My note about Dark matter (Download)
23) My talk about Universe (Download) and (Download)
24) My note about Stochastic filed (Download)  and (Download)



SNIa data set (Download)

# Set 1 (Download)

# Set 2 (Download)

# Set 3 (Download)

# Set 4 (Download)

# Set 5 (Download)

# Set 6 (Download)

# Set 7 (Download)

# Set 8 (Download)

# Set 9 (Download)


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