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  1. M. Sadegh Movahed and Shahram Khosravi, "Level crossing Analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation: A method for detecting cosmic strings"JCAP03(2011)012, arXiv:1011.2640.

  2. Razieh Emami, Hassan Firouzjahi and M. Sadegh Movahed and Moslem Zarei, "Anisotropic Inflation from charged scalar fields"JCAP 1102:005,2011, arXiv:1010.5495.

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  14. Sohrab Rahvar, M. Sadegh Movahed and M. Saadat, "The Effect of Uncertainty Principle on the Thermodynamics of Early Universe", arXiv:astro-ph/0508322.
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