Physics of Cyberspace

Today, social media has a tremendous share of human life and human society. Other rules of education in the style of yesterday guarantee a successful man and society for tomorrow.
A successful citizen and having a vibrant 21st-century community needs new skills to get.
The twenty-first-century global relations are even more complicated every day than ever before. Yesterday’s answers to some questions are not a good answer for the same questions today. We even see conflicting answers, both for some reasons, are correct answers to the same problems, and the concept of opposites answers is not false. Every day, new information changes our understanding of our society. The complexity of matters means that we need to learn new skills to become successful citizens on a global level.

Communication and experience of social life I was able to share ideas and understanding of the phenomena. Culture, laws, beliefs, and many of the human concepts that result from our social life. It was once the only environment that shaped our communication and social life. But with the onset of the 21st Century, cybercrime made our communication global, and our understanding and understanding of the world around us transformed. The result of these connections has led to the formation of complex patterns that mysteriously created a clear and secret role in guiding our lives, which we sometimes do not even know about.

Cyberspace physics is looking for new patterns emerging in our virtual life. Looking for answers to questions like how people think about the world and what kind of human future will be needed? How do we understand the complex social environment around us and in our new order, we know our position and promote our society? Are there hidden mechanisms in our minds and in these social networks that dictate our judgment about the society and the world around us? What if there are, for sure, how does it work? Can we understand different mechanisms of the world through knowing these hidden mechanisms? What is the process of categorizing this information in this cyberspace and how it is accessed? How can we increase the capabilities and productivity of a community and even an individual by knowing more of this cyberspace? How to capture personal, social and even human knowledge?

The scientific and social realities in our minds are created based on our information and understanding of our surroundings. In fact, these personal beliefs, and even science, may not even have any relation with reality.

To be continued…

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