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Selection Publications:

  • A Langevin equation that governs the irregular stick-slip nano-scale friction, M. Jannesar, A. Sadeghi, E.Meyer, GR. Jafari, Scientific Reports 9 , 1–7 (2019).
  • Mean-field solution of structural balance dynamics in nonzero temperature, F Rabbani, AH Shirazi, GR Jafari, Physical Review E 99 (6), 062302 (2019)
  • Multiscaling behavior of atomic-scale friction, M Jannesar, T Jamali, A Sadeghi, SMS Movahed, G Fesler, E Meyer, GR Jafari, Physical Review E 95 (6), 062802 (2017)
  • Glassy states of aging social networks, F Hassanibesheli, L Hedayatifar, H Safdari, M Ausloos, G Jafari, Entropy 19 (6), 246 (2017)
  • Memory effects on epidemic evolution: The susceptible-infected-recovered epidemic model, M Saeedian, M Khalighi, N Azimi-Tafreshi, GR Jafari, M Ausloos, Physical Review E 95 (2), 022409 (2017)
  • Epidemic spreading on evolving signed networks, Saeedian, N. Azimi-Tafreshi, GR. Jafari, J Kertesz, Physical Review E 95, 022314 (2017)
  • Analytic height correlation function of rough surfaces derived from light scattering, M Zamani, F Shafiei, S.M Fazeli, M.C Downer, GR Jafari, Physical Review E 94 (4), 042809 (2016)
  • Patterns for the waiting time in the context of discrete-time stochastic processes, T Jamali, GR Jafari, SV Farahani, Physical Review E 94 (3), 032110 (2016)
  • Fractional dynamics of network growth constrained by aging node interactions, H Safdari, MZ Kamali, A Shirazi, M Khalighi, G Jafari, M Ausloos, PLOS one 11 (5), e0154983 (2016)
  • Coupled uncertainty provided by a multifractal random walker, ZK Lai, SV Farahani, SMS Movahed, GR Jafari, Physics Letters A 379 (38), 2284-2290 (2015)
  • Transparency effect in the emergence of monopolies in social networks, AH Shirazi, A Namaki, AA Roohi, GR Jafari, Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation (2013)
  • Rotation algorithm: Generation of Gaussian self-similar stochastic processes, M Vahabi, GR Jafari, Physical Review E 86 (6), 066704 (2012)
  • Path derivation for a wave scattered model to estimate height correlation function of rough surfaces, M Zamani, SM Fazeli, M Salami, S Vasheghani Farahani, GR Jafari, Applied Physics Letters 101 (14), 141601 (2012)
  • Coupling detrended fluctuation analysis for analyzing coupled nonstationary signals, L Hedayatifar, M Vahabi, GR Jafari
    Physical Review E 84 (2), 021138 (2011)
  • Analysis of porosity distribution of large-scale porous media and their reconstruction by Langevin equation, GR Jafari, M Sahimi, MR Rasaei, MRR Tabar, Physical Review E 83 (2), 026309 (2011)
  • Probing rough surfaces: Markovian versus non-Markovian processes
    SM Fazeli, AH Shirazi, GR Jafari, New Journal of Physics 10 (8), 083020 (2008)
  • Analysis of Nonstationary Stochastic Processes with Application to the Fluctuations in the Oil Price, F Ghasemi, M Sahimi, J Peinke, R Friedrich, GR Jafari, MRR Tabarc, Phys Rev E (Rapid Commun) 75, 060102 (2007)
  • Stochastic analysis and regeneration of rough surfaces
    GR Jafari, SM Fazeli, F Ghasemi, SMV Allaei, MRR Tabar, G Kavei
    Physical review letters 91 (22), 226101 (2003)

My contribution in two books

Authors: Ingrid J. Hagen and Thea S. Halvorsen
Authors: Mahsa Vahabi, G. Reza Jafari
(Department of Physics, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran) pp. 115-134