Social media has begun to reform the face of human life. We need to understand how our new societies work.

Reza is a professor of physics and faculty member of the Physics Department and Institute for Cognitive and Brain Sciences at Shahid Beheshti University. He received his Ph.D. degree from the Physics department of Sharif University of Technology in 2005. He has done several projects and published many papers in the fields of social & financial networks and time series analysis in these years. His focus of research is in a system with a large number of interacting agents, whose aggregate behavior is nonlinear. However, most appreciated data-driven approaches to study them try to infer the complex interaction network of the system agents, neglecting the cause and consequences of the macroscopic collective behavior of systems. He is interested in understanding and modeling the modern society with respect to the perspective of culture, market, business, and management with the tools of different disciplines. Problems, which historically were dedicated to special fields are now common topics of research amount different disciplines. The Internet, especially social media, is playing a crucial role in this new scenario of doing interdisciplinary research. Here you can find out more about his activities, researches, and some courses on his research Lab homepage at the Center for Complex Networks & Social Cognition (ccnsd.ir).


From Left: Abbas, Reza, and Ali Winter 2018