Graduate Students

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PhD Graduates:

Samira Nofersti (2015),
Thesis: Opinion Mining
Interested in: —
Experienced in: Stanford CoreNLP, OpenNLP tool, reverb relation extraction, Jena

Rana Forsati (2014),
Thesis: A Framework for Semantic and Social Recommender Systems
Interested in: —


Master Graduates:

Arezoo Hatefi (2016),
Thesis: Iran Stock Market Prediction Using Online Text
Interested in: Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Information Retrieval

Pourya Saljoughi (2016),
Thesis: Persian Expression Detection
Interested in:Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing

Elmira Khodaee (2016),
Thesis: Answering Complex Questions in Q&A Systems Based on Linked Data
Interested in: —

Fatemeh Shafiee (2014),
Thesis: Automatic Persian Text Summarization System
Interested in: Text Summarization, Ontology, Question-Answering Systems, Knowledge Representation

Maryam Mir-Abolghasemi,
Thesis: Textual Entailment in Persian Text
Interested in: Natural Language Processing, Textual Entailment, Machine Learning

Elham Fekri,
Thesis: Expanding FarsNet with Instances
Interested in: Natural Language Processing, Semantic Web

Fatemeh Mashhadi-Rajab,
Thesis: PlagiarismDetection in Persian Documents
Interested in:Similarity Detection