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PhD Students:

Shahram Salami,
Thesis: A statistical machine translation model based on hierarchical alignment template
Interested in: Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Databases

Soroush Mobasheri
Thesis: A Meta-knowledge Representation Model to Work with Scientific Ontologies
Interested in: Knowledge Representation, Machine Reasoning, Image Processing, Machine Vision

Zeinab Rahimi,
Thesis: Recognizing Textual Entailment  focused on causality and contradictions using a knowledge-based Method
Interested in: Natural Language Processing, Multi-media Systems, Machine Translatioan

Hamzeh Motahari,
Thesis: —
Interested in: Text Processing, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Programming, Network & Security


Master Students:

Razieh Adelkhah,
Thesis: Using Natural Language Domain Ontologies for Resource Cognizance and  Expert Cognizance
Interested in: Ontology, Knowledge Representation, Natural Language Processing

Samira Khalili,
Thesis: Ontology-Driven Text-to-Scene Conversion System
Interested in: Speech Processing, Natural Language Processing, Animation, Programming

Maryam Davoodi,
Thesis: Question Analysis in Question Answering System
Interested: Unstructured Question Analysis, Colloquial Processing

Niloofar Ranjbar,
Thesis : Semantic, Context and structure based approaches in Plagiarism detection for scientific articles
Interested in : Natural Language Processing , Programming , Data Mining

Elham Ravand,
Thesis: Question Answering System
Interested in: Ontology, Natural Language Processing