Apr 2014 – Aug 2014 Qatar Computing Research Institute Doha , Qatar
  Data Analytics
  As a post Doctoral researcher, I was a member of data analytic group of QCRI. In this period, I was working on some machine learning algorithms to improve the quality of data management.Specifically, I was working on several R packages to visualize complex data and also detect outliers in order to improve quality of data. The working data was extracted from several industries including Banking, Tourism, and Health management systems. The result of our work is used as a package in a software solution for data cleansing.
Aug 2012 – Apr 2014 Amn Afzar Sharif Tehran , Iran
  Software Engineer
  I had the chance to work in Amn Afzar Gostar company as a part time software engineer. I was a member of SOC team and I was working on Data integration problem. Our goal was to build a data warehouse system that report several security information to users.
Feb 2011 – Aug 2012 Twente University Enschede , Netherlands
  In this six mounts, as a member of database group, I was working on data management systems. Specifically, we used machine learning methods to improve the information retrieval tasks. we used classification, clustering and logistic regression algorithms to make intelligent search solutions. I used MATLAB, Java and some scientific packages to train CRF statistical models.To be more specific, I was working on a search solution system that enables the user to find and match profiles on social networks such as linkedin, Twitter and the DBLP.
Jan 2011 – Feb 2013 Sohato Company Tehran , Iran
  Software Consultant
  I was working as a part time SQL server admin. In this project, the goal was to quickly implement a settlement system for the Bus and Metro of Tehran. We used several technologies on Extract, Transform and Load In order to build several managerial report.
Jan 2009 – Feb 2011 Iranian credit bureau Tehran , Iran
  Software Engineer
  In this period, I was working as data scientist to build the central data warehouse system for credit card information of Saman Bank. We should clean, summarize and validate the raw data and transform them into an appropriate format and the upload them into a central data warehouse implemented by Experian company. Our team also implemented the credit card risk management system. I was in charge of the initially design of mentioned system which is now operational in Saman Bank and manage the risk of credit cards. This system is also capable of fraud management on requests for credit cards.