Theses Supervised

Master: 14 graduated students, 2 students studying.

PhD: 7 graduated students, 2 students at research.

Graduated PhD Students:

Gholamreza Moghaddasi, Injectivity and dense injectivity of acts over semigroups, 2005.

Leila Shahbaz, Homological properties of semigroups and the behaviour of dense injectivity of systems over semigroups, 2008.

Hamid Rasouli, Classification of ordered monoids by completeness and injectivity, 2009.

Bahman Khosravi, Cayley digraph of semigroups, 2010.

Halimeh Moghbeli,  Actions of directed complete ordered monoids on directed complete posets, 2013.

Mahdieh Yavari, Injectivity and retractness of directed complete poset acts, 2015.

Khadijeh Keshvardoost, Injectivity in categories of automata and nominal automata, 2017.