VLSI Design Automation Algorithms Course

Course Description

The course will cover the techniques and algorithms for physical design of Integrated circuits. Topics include partitioning, floor-planning, placement, and routing of electronic chips. Bulk of new challenges in modern chip design corresponding with proposed techniques to fix them will be discussed in the class. This course make a good view on low level chip design and manufacturing for graduate (and post-graduate) students and may open a wide research aspect for them.

Course References

  1. Andrew B. Kahng, Jens Lienig, Igor L. Markov, Jin Hu, VLSI Physical Design: From Graph Partitioning to Timing Closure, 2012.
  2. N. Sherwani, “Algorithms For VLSI Physical Design Automation”, Kluwer Academic Publishers, 3rd edition, 2002.
  3. Research papers (Will be introduced during the course)

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