Bio-VLSI Research Group

Bio-VLSI Research Group

Bio-molecular computing has emerged as an inter-disciplinary field that draws together molecular biology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics. DNA molecules have great potential for massive parallel computation to solve many of hard problems. In this situation, some new methods, libraries and tools should be proposed to design and evaluation of DNA-based logical systems. Microfluidic biochips are known as responsible platforms for realizing the DNA computers. In this research area, we are working on design, implementation and manufacturing of microfluidic biochips for DNA computing and bio-chemical reaction automation.


PhD. Students:

 b Zohreh Beiki 1393 CAD for DNA-based logic design
 ms2 Mersedeh Sanjabi 1393 DNA-based Logic Design Approach for MicroRNA Detection
MT Maryam Taajobian 1392 Microfluidic Biochips
 IMG_20180128_140248_066 Soohrab AsadZadeh 1396 DNA Computing


MSc Students:

 PS Pouria Sadeghi 1394 Microfluidic Biochips
 photo_2017-02-11_14-03-07 Mahsa Yazdani 1395 MicroRNA Detection
 IMG_20170208_130527 Shadi Momtahen 1395 Microfluidic Biochips
 1 Melika sadat Masoud 1395 Microfluidic Biochips