Hardware Security Research Group

Hardware Security Research Group


In recent years, reporting some malicious modifications with different aims in the process of chip design and manufacturing raised the serious concerns about the hardware security. Normally, designed layout is sent to chip-fabricating manufactories which are not under the direct supervision of design house. Therefore, they can easily modify the chips before, during or even after the manufacturing. In this domain, some solutions in physical level are explored to avoid (or harden) the HTH insertion or even make them more easily detectable.

PhD. Students:

 s Vahhab Samadi 1393 Hardware Security


MSc Students:

MAhmadi Mahya Morid ahmadi 1394 Secure Processor
 AK Ario Kian 1395 Hardware Security
 IMG_20170213_083553 Farzaneh Ghotboddini 1395 Hardware Security
 HJ Hanieh Jafarzadeh 1395 Hardware Security