AbdusSalam, Shehu

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Brief Profile:

From Aug. 2016: Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran
2013-2016: Research Fellow at INFN, University of Rome "La Sapienza"
2009-2013: Research Fellow at Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)
2005-2009: PhD, DAMTP, University of Cambridge [THANKS to Gates Cambridge Scholarship]
2004-2005: M.Sc., DAMTP, University of Cambridge [THANKS to Commonwealth Shared Scholarship]
2003-2004: PGD (Mathematical Sciences), AIMS [THANKS to End of Apartheid Regime & AIMS Initiative]
1998-2002: B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, Ahmadu Bello University (A.B.U.), Samaru Zaria, Nigeria
1992-1998: G.S.S. Bomo, Secondary School, Bomo, Zaria, Nigeria
1986-1992: Amina L.E.A., Primary School, Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria
198x-1986: Ismaila Best, Nursery School, Samaru, Zaria, Nigeria
Dr. Shehu AbdusSalam
Room 208,          phone: +98-21-2990-2812
Department of Physics,          fax    : +98-21-2243-1663
Shahid Beheshti University, skype : shehu0
Evin G.C., Tehran 19839,  email  : abdussalam@sbu.ac.ir
Islamic Republic of Iran


  1. Computational Physics, Masters-level   1395-96 1st semester
  2. Computational Physics, Masters-level   1395-96 2nd semester
  3. Computer Techniques in Physics, Undergraduate-level   1395-96 2nd semester
  4. Introductory Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology, PhD-level   1396-97 1st semester
  5. Introductory High Energy Physics Analysis, PhD-level   1396-97 2nd semester
  6. Advanced Elementary Particle Physics 1, Masters-level   1396-97 2nd semester
  7. Quantum Field Theory 1, Masters-level   1397-98 1st semester
  8. Technical English (for Physics Students), Undergraduate-level   1397-98 1st semester
  9. Quantum Field Theory 2, PhD-level   1397-98 2nd semester
  10. Particle Physics Phenomenology 1, Masters-level   1397-98 2nd semester
  11. Advanced Elementary Particle Physics 1, Masters-level   1398-99 1st semester
  12. Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, Undergraduate-level   1398-99 1st semester
  13. Computer Programming, Undergraduate-level   1398-99 2nd semester
  14. Quantum Field Theory 1, Masters-level   1398-99 2nd semester


  1. Make & Makefile   ICTP smr 3107
  2. Real-world Uses of Scientific Programming: HEPfit   ICTP smr 3107
  3. SUSY Race for 125 GeV Higgs Boson   1st "2 days with particle physics" workshop
  4. pNMSSM Race for 125 GeV Higgs Boson   Meeting, NMSSM Subgroup of LHC HXSWG3
  5. Numerical Moduli Stabilisation towards Calabi-Yau Data Exploration   27th International Conference on Supersymmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions (SUSY2019)

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