post graduate level

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Mahsa Razavi, A New Framework for EA Quality Attribute Analysis, 2010, Completed

Doctoral Degree (PhD), Sima Emadi, Providing a model to evaluate Executability of Software Architecture, 2008, Completed

Doctoral Degree (PhD),  Mehran Sharafi, Providing a method for extraction and evaluation of nonfunctional attributes based on formal description of software architecture, 2007, Completed

Masters Degree, Ali Kazemi, An Automated Method for Business Service Indetification Using Design Metrics, -, Ongoing

Masters Degree, Hamid Reza Nasiri, A Model for Security Risk Assessment of Enterpise Mushup, -, Ongoing

Masters Degree, Fatemeh Hasani, Incremental Model Synchronazation, -, Ongoing

Masters Degree, Amir Reaza Ghaffari, An Adaptable Method for Run-Time Service Composition Management, -, Ongoing

Masters Degree, Seyed Hadi Serajzadeh, Service Identification of SOA Product Line, -, Ongoing

Masters Degree, Ali Rostampour, Metric-based Evaluation of Software Services in Service-oriented Modeling Phase, 2011, Completed

Masters Degree, Soodeh Farokhi, Semi-Automated Model Driven Web Service Composition, 2011, Completed

Masters Degree, Mahshid Marbuti, A Semi Automated Service Realization Method in Service-Oriented Modeling Phase, 2011, Completed

Masters Degree, Ammar Dara, A Combinatorial Model for Security Assurance in Service-Oriented Architecture, 2010, Completed

Masters Degree, Babak Mirmobin, An Approach for combining Aspect-orientation and Service-orientation with the goal of Improving Software Quality, 2010, Completed

Masters Degree, Seyyed Ali Yadavar Nikravesh, Proposing a Novel Method for Service Identification, 2010, Completed

Masters Degree, Reza Teimourzadegan Khoei, Toward an Approach for Improving Service Oriented Architecture Methodologies, 2009, Completed

Masters Degree, Vahdat Abdelzad, An Approach for Aspect-Oriented Requirements Engineering, 2009, Completed

Masters Degree, Reza Shojaee, Design of Real-Time Run-Time for Remote Method Invocation (RT2RMI) Middleware, 2009, Completed

Masters Degree, Amir Sajjad Saffarian, Designing a Service-Oriented Framework to Provide Information Infrastructure for Dynamic Package Systems, 2009, Completed

Masters Degree, Ali Tarihi, An Investigation into Applying Object-Oriented Petri Nets in Cell Modeling, 2009, Completed

Masters Degree, Mehdi Mirakhorly, Evaluation of the software product line architecture reliability, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Amir Molzam Sharifloo, Embedding software architecture activities in the XP method, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Ebrahim Khalil Abbasi, A method for designing style-based software architecture, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Sedigheh Khoshnevis, A method for service oriented enterprise architecture using the model driven architecture framework, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Fattaneh Ayazi, Using enterprise memory in refining enterprise architecture, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Ali Razi, Customizing Zachman framework for agile enterprise, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Niloofar Shirazi, Providing a method for evaluation and performance analysis based on software architecture using colored Petrinets, 2008, Completed

Masters Degree, Aida Erfanian, Using ontology in support of software analysis and evaluation, 2007, Completed

Masters Degree, Hossein Hashemian, A Model for studying the quality attributes in polymorphic architectural styles, 2007, Completed

Masters Degree, Ali Hossein Ranjbar, Executive Model in C4ISR enterprise architecture, 2007, Completed

Masters Degree, Amir Reza Mahjorian, Service oriented enterprise architecture planning methodology for a complete coverage of the zachman framework, 2007, Completed

Masters Degree, Roohollah Javadpour, Providing an executable model of enterprise architecture using colored Petrinets, 2006, Completed

Masters Degree, Seyyed Shervin Ostadzadeh, A method based on model driven architecture for integrated modeling of Zachman framework Cells, 2006, Completed

Masters Degree, Seyed Mahdi Zargarnataj, An Investigation into Enterprise Architectual Styles, 2006, Completed

Masters Degree, Reza Rezaei, Providing a method for evaluating enterprise architecture, 2006, Completed

Masters Degree, Mehrshid Javanbakht, Providing a method for evaluating enterprise architecture maturity, 2006, Completed

Masters Degree,  Hossein Hadipour Sanati, Providing an executable model of software architecture with the aim of performance evaluation, 2005, Completed

Masters Degree, Mohammad Valizadeh, Providing and describing techniques for software design documentation based on patterns, 2005, Completed

Masters Degree, Maryam Pourkamali Anaraki, Improving methods of software architecture quality attributes evaluation, 2005, Completed

Masters Degree, Kazem Barati Mehr, Providing a method for customizing software development process based on project characteristics, 2004, Completed

Masters Degree, Ali Fathollahi, Evaluation of UML capability to cover the Zachman framework, 2004, Completed

Masters Degree, Ramin Amrbar, Providing a model for solution reference architecture, 2003, Completed