Associate Professor Dr.Nasser Rostam Afshar

nrafshar@pwut.ac.ir, narafshar@yahoo.com, http://facultymembers.sbu.ac.ir/rostamafshar

+98 9123364880

Associate Professor Dr. Nasser Rostam Afshar is specialized in Hydraulic Structures. He has in his credit teaching, research, industrial, and managerial within the government experiences of more than thirty years in the field of Hydraulic structures, Hydropower, sedimentation, Hydrology, flood control, Water Resources Planning and Value Engineering. He has extensively published his research in the form of papers, conferences and books.

Prior to joining the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak in 2012, he completed many projects Such as; Impact of climate change on water resources in Iran (1998-2000), Establishment of the monitoring data in Iran (1992-1994), Evaluation of series of dam on flood control in Khosestan-Iran (2007-2008), Simulation of River flow using Neural model Urumiyeh-Iran (2005-2007), Criteria for Karst Water Conservation from pollutant in Iran (2004-2005) with a project value equal to US Dollar 35500.00 and also has worked as:

1. Managing Director of Water Resources Research Organization (Tehran-Iran) (1992-1997)

2. Deputy Director :Water Management Organization (Tehran-Iran) (1997-1999)

3. Deputy Governor: West Azarbayejan-Iran (1999-2003)

4.Hydrological Adviser to Permanent Representative of Iran with World Meteorological Organization (WMO- Geneva) (1992-1997)

5. Member of RA II Working Group on Hydrology with WMO- Geneva (1997-2001)

6. Rapporteur on Management of International River (WMO-Geneva) (1997-2001)

7.Coordinator for Hydrological Operational Multipurpose System (HOMS) National Reference Centre (HNRC) with WMO-Geneva (1992-2001)

He has been awarded a patent certificate for Hydro-Rice Milling Machine for Rural Area in Sarawak(Silver award) in 2016, the best thesis in Water Resources and Hydrology in 2013 (Bronze award) in conjunction with World Water day 2014 organized by UNESCO-IHP Malaysia and “ Conductivity Probe” by Iran’s central board of industries on 2008.

He is the member and Reviewer of professional associations (Indian Association of Hydrologist, International Association of Hydraulic and Environment, Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture) and Editorial Board Member of World Academy of Science and Technology (WAST) and founder of Hydraulic and water Resources associations in Iran.

Below is a short list of Investigations and development projects undertaken by Associate Professor Dr. Nasser Rostam Afshar and completed:

1. Review of Hydrological Studies Component of the Studies Undertaken for Hydropower Projects In Sarawak (2014-2015)

a. Team members: Fj Putuhena, Rosmina A.Bustami, Onni Suhaiza Selaman, Darrien Mah Yau Seng, Charles Bong Hin Joo, Leonard Lim Lik Pueh and Law Puong Ling

b. Client: Sarawak Energy Berhad

c. Value: dollar 84000.00

2. Design and Efficiency Testing of Alternative Approaches to Water Draining System in Slope (2013-2015)

a. Team members: Onni Suhaiza Selaman, Siti Noor Linda Taib, Darrien Mah Yau Seng, Magdeline Andrew Munot, Munot, Ena Kartina Abdul Rahman

b. Client: MOHE-Malaysia

c. Value: US dollar 20000.00

3.Value Management for the Optimization of Micro Hydro Green Energy Island Construction Contracts in Interior Sarawak (2014-2015)

a. Team members: Ir Ting Sim Nee, Azhaili Baharuan

b. Client: UNIMAS

c. Value: Dollar 2500.00