Books in Persian

2017 Semiotics: A Reader. Tehran: Morvarid, 2017.
2016 Signs at the Threshold. Tehran: Nashre Now, 2016.
2011 Semiotics of Culture/Cultural Semiotics: Collected Essays, ed. Amir Ali Nojoumian. Tehran: Sokhan Publishers, 2011.
2011 A Poststructuralist Reading of Abbas Kiarostami’s Films (with Farideh Afarin). Tehran: Nashr Elm, 2011.
2009 Sun’s Mirror: Rumi’s Presence in the West (with Bahman Namvar Motlagh and Seyyed Saeed Firouzabadi). Tehran: Academic and Cultural Publishers, 2009.
2007 Proceedings of the Seminars on Barthes and Derrida, ed. Amir Ali Nojoumian. Tehran: Iranian Academy of Arts Publications, 2007.
2006 An Introduction to Postmodernism in Literature. Ahvaz: Rasesh, 2006.
2005 The Routledge Companion to Aesthetics, edited by Gaut Berys and Dominic McIver Lopes (Translation of the Second Section of the Book). Tehran: Farhangestan Honar, 2005.
2004 An Introduction to Modernism in Literature. Ahvaz: Rasesh, 2004.