Shahid Beheshti University

Department of Physics

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Researches of interest

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My researches of interest are devoted to two categories

1) Cosmology, early universe, large-scale structures, from theoretical as well as computational points of view. In this, part I am doing huge statistical analysis especially on cosmological stochastic fields. As an example CMB with some exotic features such as cosmic strings and examine density contrast field from statistical points of view and so on.

2) Cosmological stochastic fields.

3) Complex systems and non-linear dynamics. Here I concentrate on multifractal
investigation of various stochastic fields in nature.

4) Data Science  and including topics such as Machine learning and implementation in Big data.

5) Topological and geometrical measures for classifying Stochastic fields. Also Topological Data Analysis (TDA).

6) As an application of Data analysis in Gravitational wave detection see my note (Download)



I am going to establish a laboratory regarding to COMPLEX SYSTEMS and NON-LINEAR DYNAMICS

To this end, There are some Undergraduate and graduate project to do, Those who are interested in collaborating in this project call me and send CV for further investigation.

For more information see (Download)


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