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Professor Dr Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam,
Name: Mohsen
Last Name: Ebrahimi Moghaddam
Date of Birth: 31-05-1976
Email: m_moghadam@sbu.ac.ir
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Address: Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering, SB university, Evin Ave, Tehran, Iran. Location
Office: Room No 412, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Shahid Behehsti University, Tehran, Iran.
Office: +982129904172

Welcome to my academic home page.

Here you can find my brief biography:

Dr. Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam is  Professor in  Computer Science and Engineering Department of Shahid Behesthi University. He was graduated from Sharif University which is a top rank university in 2006 in a Phd program. He was also graduated in Msc and Bsc from Sharif University in 2000, 1998 respectively.

Dr.Mohsen Ebrahimi Moghaddam is now the supervisor of Image processing and distributed system lab in his department. This lab is a research one which more than 12 Phd and Msc students work in.

His major research branch is image processing with considering AI techniques. Also, as a minor research field, multimedia operating systems aspects are considered. In this regards, along with watermarking, biometrics recognition and verification, color constancy and some other research topics in image processing, you can find some research projects in disk scheduling, task scheduling , multimedia wireless sensor networks in this lab.

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