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In vivo study of non-invasive effects of non-thermal plasma in pressure ulcer treatment
Scientific Reports Journal
According to high incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers worldwide, the purpose of this study is using of non-thermal atmospheric plasma as a novel therapy for pressure ulcers. Cold plasma was produced by applying a high-voltage (5 kV) and high-frequency (25 kHz), to helium gas. Under general anesthesia and sterile conditions, two circular magnets were used to create pressure ulcers on the dorsal skin of adult rats. The wounds were divided randomly into control and plasma-treated groups.
Animals in the plasma-treated group received plasma radiation for 5 days, each day 3 times and every time 60 s. Mechanical assays were performed to determine plasma effects on the mechanical strength
of the repaired tissue. The results showed that mechanical strength of repaired wound in the plasma- treated group was significantly higher than that in the control group (p < 0.05). In addition, evidence
from histological studies indicates a significantly accelerated wound re-epithelialization in comparison with the control group; angiogenesis and fibrosis (collagen synthesis) were also significantly increased and the inflammation phase of wound healing was shorter in the plasma-treated group. The plasma treatment also resulted in significant wound contraction and acceleration of wound healing. The findings of present study indicate the effects of cold plasma on pressure ulcer treatment.

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