Plasma Technology in Textile Industry:
In this project we are going to study atmospheric pressure plasma (Dielectric Barrier Discharge) for treatment textile to increase the wet ability and dying process.this figure shows the industrial scale device for textile with 2.2 m width.

Plasma Tex

The Industrial Plasma Tex system  was designed and built in the Plasma Lab of Shahid Beheshti University


Plasma Technology for polymer and metalized in printing industry:

from many years ago corona devices were using in the printing industry. but according to the recent development in the machine, high speed corona machine is needed. in this projects, we are working to increase the treatment speed on any kind of films and polymers. corona firstly clean the surface and secondly etch the surface to increase the effective surface and finally produce wet able bound on the surface. our aim is to reach the 500 m/min.

Corona SystemIMG_5890The corona system was designed and built in the Plasma Lab of Shahid Beheshti University


Plasma Technology for Surface Treatment:

Surface activation if material by non thermal plasma reactor (Plasma cleaner) is very interesting for different applications.


The Plasma Cleaner system was designed and built in the Plasma Lab of Shahid Beheshti University


Plasma Technology in Combustion:
In society, especially in our country, fossil fuels, the natural gas in particular, are used outstandingly. In
this project, it is explained that how one can reserve fuel while using the plasma assisted combustion in order to
enhance the combustion efficiency and to reduce the production of dangerous pollutants . A dielectric
barrier discharge torch can change the molecules of fuel and air into free radicals and fragments which are more active than the usual molecules and by this method it can perform the combustion process more efficiently. The
result will be the increase in the temperature, volume and heating power of the flame,decreasing the ignition delay.

Plasma Combustion
Plasma Combustion in Plasma Lab Shahid Beheshti University.



Plasma Technology in gas pollutants and odor removal

Today, considering the large-scale manufacturing of chemicals, the environment is facing the problem of air pollution more than ever. Problems such as global warming which have appeared due to emission of greenhouse gases and volatile organic compounds from factories and industries, have had deadly impacts on the body of the environment. In addition, the direct impact of these gases on humans has been observed through diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, dyspnea, cancer, heart attacks and different sorts of allergies which devour thousands of lives annually. In order to prevent these pollutants from emitting, various methods with specific upsides and downsides have been used. in our project we are using the plasma technology for:

  1. Nox reduction
  2. Voc conversion
  3. H2S conversion
  4. Decreasing the exhaust of burner pollutants.


Conversion of of gaseous pollutants
Conversion of of gaseous pollutants

Plasma Gasification system

Plasma technology is the promising technology for waste management. near to 30 years in the world many company are working on plasma furnace for waste conversion to produce electricite. our team in shahid Bejeshti university is working on many kind if waste such as:MSW, Ash, Petrochemical waste, Hospital waste , …

Plasma Gasification


Plasma Medicine system


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