Topics in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Physics

This course devoted to advanced topics on non-equilibrium statistical physics for the graduate students.

Some topics are as follows:

  • Introduction to stochastic process
  • Introduction to Bayesian analysis
  • Master equation
  • Reaction-diffusion
  • Generalized random walk
  • Continuous time random walk (CTRW)
  • Aging phenomena
  • Fractional diffusion and Fokker–Planck equations for subdiffusion
  • Lévy flights
  • Coupled CTRW and Lévy walks
  • Random walks on percolation structures


Igor M. Sokolov and Joseph Klafter

Oxford University Press (2011)

Image result for kinetic theory statistical mechanics redner

Eli Ben-Naim, Pavel L. Krapivsky, and Sidney Redner

Cambridge University Press (2010)



  1. Set 1 (Download) (This set is taken from Prof. Karimipour homepage
  2. Set 2 (Download) (This set is taken from Prof. Karimipour homepage
  3. Set 3 (Download)                                                                                                   
  4. Set 4 (Download)                                                                                                   
  5. Set 5 (Download)