Shahid Beheshti University

Department of Physics

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Here is the name of students:


  1. Rahman Layeghnejad [Homepage]
  2. Rahim Moradi [Homepage]
  3. Sakineh Hosseinabadi [Homepage]
  4. Tahereh Azizi [Homepage]


  1. Hossein Mos-hafi [Homepage]
  2. Razieh Emami [Homepage]
  3. Hajar Vakili [Homepage]
  4. Zahra Sheikholeslami [Homepage]
  5. Mehran Yazdizadeh [Homepage]
  6. Behnam Javanmardi [Homepage]
  7. Reza Monadi [Homepage]
  8. Issa Eghdami [Homepage]
  9. Erfan Nourbakhsh [Homepage]



Former Students:

  1. Soheil Hajian, B.Sc. at Shahid Beheshti University,
    Current position: PhD candidate, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
    detrended [at] gmail [dot] com

    Teaching Assistant of Electromagnetic course


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