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Spatial Cognition Team

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What Are We Focusing on?

Investigating various aspects of the spatial cognition, especially of the human spatial navigation, in the virtual environments, mostly Desktop-based, is the target of our projects. More information about the projects is given in the following.  

Who Are We?

Dr. Farzaneh Safavimanesh
is a PhD in Spatial Statistics. She is currently focusing on spatial cognition, especially the human spatial navigation in real and virtual environments. You can contact her through f.safavimanesh@gmail.com.

Shirin Hajahmadi has just finished her Msc in Cognitive Psychology with an Excellent degree. Relying on her background in Computer Science, she did her Msc project under supervision of Dr. Farzaneh Safavimanesh on developing a serious game using the HMD virtual reality to tackle a challenge in the human spatial navigation in complex layouts affected by the map-based misalignment. You can contact her through sh.hajahmadi@gmail.com.

Ali Ghasempouri has a background in Applied Mathematics and MBA. He is focusing on the interactive storytelling and developing serious games in virtual reallity. You can contact him through ash.mathcom@gmail.com.

Layla Farmahini Farahani has a background in Biomedical Engineering, Biomechanics. She is doing her Msc on Cognitive Rehabilitation, focusing on the spatial perspective changes and its relationship with the spatial navigation patterns of the participants who are encountering the risk of depression. She is developing some rehabilitation methods using virtual reality and real Tai-chi exercises.

Tahmineh Alavi has a background in Physics. She is doing her Msc on Cognitive Psychology, focusing on Developmental Non-Euclidean Navigation.

Mohammad Amin Javdanfar has a background in Education Science for School and Pre-School Children. He is doing his Msc on Cognitive Psychology, focusing on the spatial representaion in children based on the proxemic theory.

Saeedeh Navidi has a background in architecture. She is doing her Msc on Cognitive Rehabilitation, focusing on the role of creativity in navigational decision making.
Fatemeh Afshar has a background in Rassian Languages. She is doing her Msc on Cognitive Rehabilitation, focusing on the role of parenting in developing spatial abilities in children.

Our Workshops

The first workshop of the workshop series on 
"Task Designs for the Spatial Cognition Studies in the Virtual Environments" will be held on Khordad 30, 1398. For more information and registration, please visit http://conf.sbu.ac.ir/#workshop. Lecturers are Shirin Hajahmadi, Ali Qasempouri, and Farzaneh Safavimanesh.