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I am debated to those who made me feel proud of myself because,
when you are proud of what you are, you can respect others as they are.

Welcome to my Homepage!

I am an Assistant Professor at The Department of Cognitive Modeling, The Institute for Cognitive and Brain Science (ICBS), Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran. My main field of study is stochastic spatial point processes with a focus on their applications in cognitive science. I am also the Head of the Reseach Departtment at Scientific Data Analysis Team (SDAT). For more information, please take a look around or contact me!

Research Interests:
  • Spatial statistics with a focus on Spatial point processes
  • Modern stereology
  • Computational Cognitive Sciences
  • Applications of point processes in cognitive sciences and forestry
  • Minicolumn hypothesis in neuroscience 
  • Developmental brain disorders like autism