Dec 15


دکتر اسماعیل پورBorn in 1954, B.A.English Literature, M.A. & Ph.D. in Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages, Tehran University, 1977, 1987 and 1991; Professor of Ancient Iranian Culture and Languages; Research Deputy of Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences, Director of Center for Iranian Studies, Shanghai Institute of Middle East Studies (2004-2006), Visiting Professor at Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), (2004-2006), Visiting Professor at MGU (Moscow State University) since 2013-2015, Permanent Member of Association of Iranian Anthropologists since 2002; Member of Editorial Board of the Journal of Iranian Anthropology, Tehran University since 2002; Journal of Foreign Languages Criticism Shanhid Beheshti University; Journal of Zaban va Adab Allameh University; Member of IAMS: International Association of Manichaean Studies (Cambridge) since 2003; Member of SIE: Societas Iranologica Europa (Rome) since 2003; Member of ASPS, visiting Professor at Moscow State University (2013-2014); Editor in Chief of International Journal of Iranian Heritage.