Faculty of Religious Studies
History and Civilization of Muslims Dept
Name: Abbas Ahmadvand
Date of Birth: 1973
Place of Birth: Arak , Iran
Current Postal Address: Room no.311, Faculty of Theology and Religions, Shahid Beheshti University, Evin, Tehran, Iran.
P.O. Box: 1983963113
Current Position: Assistant Professor

Academic Degrees:
PH.D in History and Civilization of the Muslims

Tehran University, Tehran Iran

M.A in History and Civilization of the Muslims

Tehran University,
Tehran, Iran
B.A in Theology and Islamic Studies

1992- 1996
Arak University,
Arak, Iran
Awards and Honors:

2013 Recognized Researcher in Religious Studies Faculty of Shahid Beheshti University
2012 Winner of International Farabi Award
2012 Recognized Researcher in Shahid Beheshti University


Recognized Student in Iran


Recognized Student in Iran


Recognized Student of Arak University

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor

PH.D: Islamic Historiography. Umayyads and Abbasids
M.A: Islamic Historiography, Political History of Early Islam, Islamic Civilization: An Introduction. Historical Texts in English. Islamic Historiography.

Shahid Beheshti University.
Shahid Beheshti University

Assistant Professor
(member of faculty, Head of Dept)

M.A and B.A
Islamic Arts, Historical Geography of Islam, Geo-historical Persian-Arabic Texts, Historiography, Historical Methodology, History of Early Shi,ism, Science and Technology in Islam, Political History of Islam: Ummayds, Abbasids Abbasids,Buyids , Seljukids and Crusades

Zanjan University,Iran

Instructor and Assistant professor
B.A: Political history of Islam, Historical geography
Of Eastern Caliphate
Tehran University

Instructor, and Assistant Professor
B.A: Political history of Islam
Islamic Azad University, North Tehran and Arak branches
Islamic and Arabic studies: 1. Methodology. 2. Languages, Gramer and Texts in Persian, Arabic and English
Arak university

Administrative Experience:

1. Head of Anatolia, Balkan and Couscous branch, Historical Geography Foundation of Islamic Encyclopedia 2006-2007
2. Director of Dept, History and Civilization of Muslim Nations. Zanjan University
3. Head of International Committee of Fayd e Kashani’s International Conference
4. Head of International Committee in Iranian Society of History.
5. Director of Dept, History and Civilization of the Muslims, Shahid Beheshti University, Currently.

Membership of Societies:

1- Iranian Society for Islamic History
2- International Society of Cultural History, England
3- Editorial Member of Brigham Young University’s International Shi,i Studies Journal , New York
4- Editorial Member of Shi,a Islamic Studies Journal of London’s Islamic College
5- Faculty Member of Imam Reza’s National Conference
6- Encyclopedia of Islamic World, Tehran, Iran
7- Faculty Member University of Zanjan, Iran

Spring and Summer 2014 Peer-Reviewed Articles Writing

Winter 2012
Islamic Studies Methodology, Islamic University of Shahid Mutahhari

Winter 2012

ISI Listed Journals, Islamic University of Shahid Mutahhari
Summer 2010

Digital Islamic Data Bases, Encyclopedia Islamica

Summer 2007

Approaches to the Western Oriental studies, Qum


Historical Geography of Dawraq; the Third International Congress of Persian Gulf, University of Tehran, Tehran, 1391.
Western Studies in Quran in 20th Century, Solutions, Methodologies and Subjects; International Conference of Quran and Orientalists, Jama’ al-Mostafa al-Alamiyya, Qom, 1391.
Writing Biographies among Shi’as: Patterns and Challenges; Congress of Biography Researchers, Research Center for Islamic History, Tehran, 1392.
Historical Geography of Saruq and Imamzadeh Haftad o do tan, International Congress of the Late Karbalaie Kazem Sarughi, Arak, Mordad 1386 .
The publication of the Glorious Qur’an in the west, Second National Quanic Researches Congress, Tarbiat Modarres University and Bonyad e Pajooheshhaye Quraani , Ordibehesht 1387.
Worldly Reflection of Nasir Khusraw, Shahid Beheshti University,1394.
Research Projects:
The Recognition of Celebi Ughlu,s identity and character, Cultural Heritage Organization of Zanjan, 1387

Presented Courses:
Criticism of Historical Texts
Political History of Islam
Islamic Culture and Civilization, an Introduction
Historical Texts in Farsi, Arabic and English.
Orietalists Works Criticism.
Cultural History.

• Reviewing and Analyzing the Procedure of Writing a Biography among Shi’as, Musa al-Reza Razqandi, Supervision.
• Periodical Thought in Historical Texts of Sixth and Seventh Century A.H, Ramina Atash Faraz, Supervision.
• Methodological Criticism of Leiden Encyclopedia Kuran , Using Interpretive Points of Allama Tabatabaei and Sheikh Shanqiti, Seyed Kamal Keshik Nevis-e Razavi, Supervision.
• Mu’adib and Mu’adibi in Umayyad Caliphate and the First Abbasid era, Mehdi Quli Zade, Supervision.
• Comparative Review of Shi’a Revolts during the time of Ummayad and Why They Were not Successful, Sa’adat Qazanfari, Supervision.
• Qahrimana and her Political Role in the Second Abbasid era (232-334), Zahra Amiri, Supervision.
• Comparative Study of Imam Ali and Three Caliphs’ Monetary Policy, Ali Karimi Shiasi, Supervision.
• Comparative Study of Mourning for Imam Hussein among Imams and Shi’as till the 4th Century, Mohammad Ali Golqandashti, Supervision.
• Shi’as and their Ordinance through Naser Khosrow’s Safar Nameh, Ibn Jobair’s Rihla and Ibn Batuta’s Rihla, Mehdi Hassani, Supervision.
• Comparative Study of Sira Writing among Contemporary Shi’a and Sunni Scholars , Abuzar Arab Gurchoi, 1391, Supervision.
• Madina al-Nabi, a Sample of Coexistence between Islamic Societies, Abuzar Nazari Bahram, 1391, Supervision.
• Political, Social and Cultural History of Musha,shaids, Hatam Yusefi Gohargan, Advisor.
• Religious Mourning in Safavid Iran through the Eyes of Western Travellers, Zahra Khodadadi Pari, Advisor.
• Emergence and Spreading of Shi,ism in Khouzestan throughout the First Three Centuries A.H Mohsen Suwaylemi, Advisor.
• Analyzing the Usage of Quran in Writing Holy Prophet’s Biography throughout the First Three Centuries A.H, Babak Qajar, Advisor.
• Reformations of Caliph Mu,tadid, Zahra Rezaee, Advisor.
• Comparative Study of Theoretical Elements in the books Nasihat al-Muluk and al-Ahkam al-Sultaniya, with an emphasis on the 3rd, 4th and the 5th centuries, Abolfazl Rezaee Asa, Advisor.
• Orientalists’ Studies of Mahdawiyya and Shi’i’ Viewpoint towards them, Batool Khan’ali Zade Lahroodi, Advisor.
• History’s Stimulants According to Contemporary Scholars, Abd al-Mahdi Feizi, 1391, Advisor.
• Imam Hassan al-Askari According to Orientalists, Mehri Rafiei MehrAbadi, Judge.
• Intellect and Inspiration According to al-Gazel and Averos, Mojtaba Hajir, Judge.
• Five Islamic Fiqhi School’ Reaction to Music during the Abbasids, Forozan Soleiman Poor, Judge.
• Placement of Religious Thought in Modern Poetry (from Nima onwards), Seyede Mehri Alavi Nia, Judge.
• Analyzing Sa,adi’s Travels, Leili Karimi, Judge.
• Religious Thought in Mashruta Poetry, Majid Nazari, Judge.
• Analyzing Imams’ Viewpoints of Revolts against Umayyads and Abbasids After the Ashura, Hassan Movadehi Nia, 1391, Judge.
• Imam Sadeq’s Reaction towards Zaydi Revolts , Hossein Khavari, 1391, Judge.